Man Sits in Pouring Rain Right Outside of Cafe For Some Inexplicably Important Work Zoom Call

Man Sits in Pouring Rain Right Outside of Cafe For Some Inexplicably Important Work Zoom Call

Yes, his computer broke
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guy told groceries are too expensive, company makes him eat at nice restaurants

Company Tells Employee Groceries Cost Too Much, Must Eat Every Meal At Fancy Restaurants

If you say so.
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expensive things rich people buy | Back2Bach 28.4k points 1 day ago edited 18 hours ago S 2 wealthy couple had pair Steinway concert grand Model "D" pianos at opposite ends their spacious living room. Neither husband nor his wife played pianos, valued at about $175,000 each, were just there show" and they hired someone like play piano an occasional cocktail/dinner party. | HeyYallWatchThiss 19.6k points 23 hours ago Catered high school graduation party did fried chicken and mashed potatoes, so

The Most Absurdly Expensive Things People Witnessed

Money just becomes a game at some point.
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middle class fancy, funny middle class stereotype about guy with backpack and baseball cap

21 MiddleClassFancy Tweets and Memes That Might Feel Like a Personal Attack

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trashy twitter

Twitter Shares What Their Trashy Selves Used to Think Was Fancy

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classy things that used to be trashy, relatable, reddit

23 People Share Classy Things That Used To Be Considered Trashy

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restaurant fails, pretentious, wtf food

25+ Times Restaurants Tried Too Hard and Ended Up Pretentious as Hell

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Some People Are Just Accustomed to the Finer Things in Life

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fancy product whiskey awesome ice - 467461

Meet the Whiskey Wedge

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You Can Never Go Wrong With a Shiny Suit

fancy poorly dressed shiny suit - 8431799296
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fancy camera Video - 67705089

That's a Hell of a Steadicam Shot for Eurovision

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Apparently College Degrees Don't Get You Everything

degree fancy cars funny g rated School of FAIL - 8421429248
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Fancy Up That Cubicle

monday thru friday fancy cubicle g rated - 8415237888
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The Fancy Way to Drink Beer

beer fancy wine glass funny - 8282281984
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These Two Things Don't Go Together

limo beer fancy rainier funny - 8267679744
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The Fancy Lady Bottle Opener

fancy bottle opener funny lady - 8259679232
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