Turn on a fan it's boiling. These airy and light memes and jokes will have you your head spinning. You can always use a Japanese fan to try to cool off and save, but don't be too enthusiastic, you might end up heating yourself up more than cooling down.

guy watching pop music gets recorded clapping along and enjoying himself, gets embarrassed and stops

Man Gets Caught Enjoying Performance, Becomes Ashamed

Is it a sin to clap along?
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Tumblr thread explains Darth Vader from Star Wars as comically over-dramatic | sohaliatalitha okay but Vader literally turned off lights on his chest panel make an impression on Rebels whole emerging darkness by light his saber thing intentional dramatic effect drama king. Leia got away because he wasted 30 seconds scaring crap outta those poor rebel mooks.

Tumblr Describes Darth Vader as Being Way Too Extra

Make way for the Sith Lord of Drama
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leaf fan leaves funny Video - 101045761

Dude Leafblowing his Yard with an Airboat

If it works it works.
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acdc Music awesome lol fan funny win - 100942593

When Angus Young Tweaked the Nose of a Beer-Throwing Fan

We salute you.
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Game of Thrones TV fan ridiculous funny television - 8448773

What Happened To The Game Of Thrones Characters After The Finale

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Game of Thrones fan reaction television - 8366341

Game Of Thrones Fans Deconstruct Daenerys' Mad Logic Last Night

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Game of Thrones TV fan reaction television - 8365573

Game Of Thrones Fan Calls Out The Show's Mother Problem

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Game of Thrones TV fan television - 8273413

Game Of Thrones Fan Explains Arya's Sneaky Move At The Battle Of Winterfell

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head blocking view during hockey game

Twitter Roasts Fan's Massive Head Blocking The Camera In Maple Leaf-Bruins Game

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Super creepy video from a guy who made a fan compilation for a Jeopardy contestant.

Mega Creep Makes Fan Video For Girl Playing Jeopardy

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fan iron man marvel superheroes Video - 84128001

Iron Man Takes on The Incredible Hulk In This Awesome Fan Made Film

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fan justin bieber - 83769857

Hit of the Day: Justin Bieber Rocks Fan’s World, Punches Him in the Face

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Not a Big Fan of Thinking Things Through, Huh?

Via Surihn

Marshawn Lynch Hasn't Retired His NFL Rivalry Spirit Or Burning Anyone In His Way

win tweet Marshawn Lynch responds perfect to fan's patriots signature request
Via @AllNFL_

Scoring Some Major Points For This Cleveland Fan's Scoreboard Selfie

funny sports image MLB cleveland baseball fan takes scoreboard selfie
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crazy katy perry concert fan - 74620417

Katy Perry Gets More Than She Bargained For With This Neck-Kissing Fan

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