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'[She] slammed it 5 times as hard as she could': Rebellious teenager keeps slamming door, parents take the door off the frame

I mean, they do say actions have consequences...
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AITA for excluding my mom from my college move in day?

Daughter Excludes Mom From College Move In After Years of Being Ostracized by Her Stepdad

Moving into your college dorm is a momentous occasion that many 18-year-olds share with their parents, but sometimes family drama can get in the way of that special day.
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Scumbag Family Members Steal Woman's Savings, Deny It, Beaten By Evidence

Imagine your own mother and sister stealing from you.
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Entitled Brother Thinks His Kid Is the Exception to a “Child-Free” Wedding Invite

Sibling threatens not to go to his sisters wedding after finding out his kid is not the only exception.
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Kid's Family Feud Performance Is Short-Lived

Both answers were ridiculous.
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Family feud contestant wrongly answers saying Popeye's favorite food is Chicken.

Contestant Confidently Says Popeye's Favorite Food is Chicken

That's the enthusiasm we like to see when someone is wrong.
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Game show fails that would make Steve Harvey lose his sh*t

21 Game Show Fails That Would Make Steve Harvey's Mustache Explode

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Snoop Dogg's Family Feud Answer Makes Us Question What Kind of Pies He's Been Eating

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Modern Family Writer vs. Donald Trump

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There Can Be No Worse "Family Feud" Answer Than This One

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Distraction of the Day: Someone Turned Google Autocomplete Into a Family Feud-Style Game

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Answer of the Day: Family Feud Contestant Says Doctor Would Pull Gerbil Out of Someone

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The World Wants to See Bewbs

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What Would You Change About Your Husband?

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What About Happy...

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Somehow This is the Worst Final Round in Family Feud History

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