I'm falling deep in the sky. Slipping into these hilarious vertically challenged puns.

risky wtf falling tree fall cutting lol unsafe tree Video lucky - 107207937

Tree Cutter Straddles Himself To Safety

Almost like he meant to do it.
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waves physics falling balance boat funny Video - 106723841

Highly Unbalanced Highlights from Life on a Boat

It's that dang gravity. Stupid physics.
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Guy falls unconscious and begins to fall off balcony but is then saved by bystanders

Dude Faints, Tips Over Balcony, Gets Saved

That was close.
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Snow falls off roof in funny pattern that looks like the video game guitar hero.

Snow Falling Off Roof Has Major Guitar Hero Vibes

Who set it to expert?
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funny guy falling in mud

Poor Lad Can't Handle The Muddy Walk

No luck was had that day.
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Safety fails of people in dangerous situations and on high ladders | person sitting on top of a tower of barrels balanced on a forklift in order to reach a street light. man using a circular saw with out any safety equipment with all the sparks flying on another person.

Safety Fails That Would Make OSHA Faint

These precarious situations are literally not safe for work.
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fail gifs of all types

10 Attempts That Landed in Failure

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Deserved It!

Via Yoda1PositivityStar

Oh, Oh NO

Via bigpaynis
intimidating signs

22 Intimidating Signs That Are Scarier than They Should Be

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fail memes

19 Disappointing Times Life Was Relentless

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funny construction fails

11 Hazardous Worksites that Failed at Safety

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dangerous construction work sites

15 Hazardous Job Sites That Are Literally Not Safe For Work

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Things That Are Hilarious Unless They Happen to You

26 Things That Are Hilarious Unless They Happen to You

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Nailed it.

Via DaFunOne

"Man Down! Man Down!"

Via Silliosophical
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