Wholesome fairy twitter thread | kelly victoria @saysthefox think everyone could use lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At beginning pandemic went through some painful personal stuff and would often go out at night long walks because no one around and couldn't sleep anyway. One night walking down my street and noticed someone had set up few little objects tree planter and upon closer inspection realized fairy garden with little note about 4 year old girl who felt lonely quarantine

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Creates Mind-Blowingly Wholesome Fairy Experience

That is bone-jarringly wholesome.
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May I Recommend Vagisil?

honey fairy - 6874667520
By Redsquall3

Fairilyn Montroll

pixie tinkerbell fairy - 6786087680
By Unknown

Hey! Listen!

blue fairy - 6550031104
By Unknown

A Tragic Fantasy

dragon fairy yin yang - 6416674048
By Unknown

How to Sit Like a Lady and Still Have Your Ass Hanging Out

fairy pixie - 6391695616
By Unknown

This Fairy Had One Too Many Sugar Plums

fairy flowers panties pixie - 6398388480

Emerging From Her Cocoon?

fairy pixie wings - 6314119680
By Unknown

Pixies Poop in Flowers

fairy flowers pixie - 6306755584
By Unknown

Fairy God Smothered

fairy fantasy - 4991767296
By Unknown

Cyclops Has Really Let Himself Go

costume fairy stripes wings - 5935649536
By Unknown

The Newspaper Fairy

costume fairy newspaper weird - 4414864896
By christina1996

Why Clean When There's A Fairy Around?

fairy kitchen microwave note passive aggressive sign - 4409270528
By Flamewolf86

I've Had This Nightmare

eww fairy pink spandex wtf - 4271451648
By mcveyla


fairy notes passive aggressive signs - 4134488576
By Caffinehog


beer classy costume fairy - 4058674688
By Unknown
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