funny English failures

Big Bold Failures of the English Language

So close.
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funny design fails

Weird And Bad Design Failures That Could Have Gone Better

Maybe give the taco another shot.
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OSHA safety failures

Safety Failures That Are Big Oopsies Waiting To Happen

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Safety failures

Safety Failures That OSHA Would Prefer Not Be A Thing

We've all been one "oops" away from ruin.
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funny dumb spelling fails | been trying new ways relax. Currently into essential oil diffusers and incest | can always come hold till leave, even though l'll be coma toast like two seconds Coma toast hahahaha killed haha Why hahaha Coma toast hahahahaha Did spell right Comatose OH GOD MY LIFE IS LIE

Spelling Fails That Left Us Emotionally Robbed

Why does it have to be like this.
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stupid funny facepalm moments | These guys locked their keys an armoured truck | grabbed this bullshit ass chorizo made soy thought saying am chorizo spanish Since 1973 Cacique. SOY CHORIZO Vegetarian EXTRA LARGE

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Beacons Of Stupid

Great job everyone.
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funny design failures of packaging, installation and construction | QUESO TILSIT NATURAL slices of cheese imprinted with green ink logos | BUSZKA Funeral Home Inc. Commitment Curing Disney font

Weird and Self-Defeating Failures of Design

They could have used a second opinion.
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funny and stupid design failures

Design Fails That Could've Used A Second Set of Eyes

Great work, everyone.
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funny and unprofessional not my job fails | traffic cone cemented to the road | toilet blocking the door from closing

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments Of Incompetence

"Hopefully no one will notice."
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funny spelling fails | There is just no winning this life accept feet. | Wow. Popeye's Sorry inconvenience Equipment Mouth Function

Spelling Failures That Are Hard To Put Into Words

Words are hard.
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absurd and scary safety failures that defy OSHA

Safety Failures Of OSHA-Defying Boldness

Don't do this.
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safety failures

Safety Failures That OSHA Would Like To Find And Destroy

There's a problem waiting to happen.
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funny "not my job" work failures

"Not My Job" Moments of Occupational Ineptitude

The day is too short to do a good job.
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stupid and unsafe things guys did

Unsafe Maneuvers From Those Tempting Fate

Paging Mr. Darwin.
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dumb spelling failures

Spelling Fails That Beat The Meaning Out Of Words

Why should words mean anything anyway?
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funny attempts and failures at translations and writing in English

Inventive Failures Of The English Language

It kinda makes sense.
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