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Who Lost a Shaving Bet? This Guy

bald beard facial hair shaving - 6298391296
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The Weirdest Facial Hair, Now the Most Ironic Necklace

beard facial hair hunger games ironic necklace - 6206650624

Now Anyone Shorter Than Him Will Join His Army

beard facial hair shaving - 6176193024
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Where Does Your Facial Hair Fall?

beard Chart facial hair g rated poorly dressed wizard - 6153514240
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I Heard You Like Mustaches

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Novelty License WIN

beard facial hair id - 5917466368
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A Photoshop Well Spent

baby beard clever dad facial hair Father How to Dress Your Child Parenting Fail photoshop - 5672505344
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It Stimulates Growth

facial hair fapping oh god why rage comic - 5627033344
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Poorly Dressed: Well it sure saves time growing an actual mustache

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It's almost like it's smiling at you

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Memorial Statue WIN

facial hair manly memorial mustache oh Japan statue - 5528019456

Bros: Movember Treated Someone Well

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Back when facial hair was awesome

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Mom Had The Best Moustache

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Count Malifulo and Broneicia Take a Shopping Trip

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Watch Out, Your Beard Slipped Off Your Chin

beard facial hair - 5218120704