funny security guard tumblr

Tumblr Thread: Security Guard Hilariously Explains Why Heist Movies Don't Make Sense

It's impossible to plan around tactless incompetence.
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Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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Tumblr thread investigates disappearance of Lyman, John's old roommate in Garfield | List Did hear Something happened kitchen! Chooalate Covered Denits Sown Coc BOnuts Bhueberny Muffins Chocolate Chip Muffins l ChaMe Donts popular 90s Garfield flash game Garfield's Spooky Scavenger Hunt which can find Lyman chained up basement as hidden eastern egg. He begs Garfield give him some muffins eat, then disappears after leave room and come back. Garfield Lore is pretty messed up dig around. mousathe14

Tumblr Thread: The Creepy Disappearance of Jon's Roommate in Garfield

They could have just dropped it but no.
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Tumblr explains the early 2000s phenomonon of losing "The Game." | rainnecassidy If old enough remember just lost Game. raggedyanndy

Tumblr Explains The Origins of Losing The Game

Streak broken.
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Absurd made up dangers of black pool Tumblr thread | facs facts--just-made-up Fun fact about Vantablack- Because absorbs all light heats up very fast. If exposed direct sunlight takes all UV and heat and contains them, and can reach heats well over 212°F boiling point water. So if did coat pool material water would boil as soon as sun touched killing everyone swimming

Tumblr Thread Explains "Dangers" of Black-Tiled Pools and Gullibility

Oh man wow.
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Person explains why Americans complain about America despite the nation's riches | Why do all Americans whine and bitch so much about being American? Seriously need start being proud yourselves and country. Many people would kill be an American and enjoy things moan about Why do complain so much tell why: Living united states is supremely fucked up cause one richest, most powerful juggernauts on planet, but average citizen has relatively infinitesimal access wealth and power, and very little the

American Explains Why Americans Still Complain About America

Yeah, that sounds about right.
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People online delivering roasts, funny clapbacks and slams.

Clapbacks, Slams and Other Times People Met Ruination By Words

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emotions we feel but can't explain

A Quick Helpful List of Emotions We Feel but Fail to Explain

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scary stories

14 Freaky Experiences That Made People Question Reality

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stairs Gravity science explanation Video - 73440513

Science of Falling Down

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That Explains a Lot

explanation funny Fake Science - 8231828992
Via Sad and Useless
carl sagan science explanation funny - 56352257

Carl Sagan Explains Evolution

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drugs excuse explanation failboat poor planning Probably bad News - 4181080320
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