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After news broke weeks ago that Facebook was playing emotional mind games with its users, another popular site has admitted it does the same thing, but with your dating life. Plus, the founders aren't sorry. At all. A matter-of-fact post titled " We Experiment On Human Beings!" broke a three-year silence on OkCupid's data blog, OkTrends. The post includes a stock photo of a kid doing a potato experiment, for added snark. In the post, OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder shares results from three experiments at OkCupid. [READ: Facebook's Emotional Contagion Experiment Rekindles Old Worries About Corporate Abuse] In one experiment, OkCupid removed pictures from its website for a full day, calling it "Love Is Blind Day." The group found that people responded to messages more often, conversations went deeper and users exchanged contact details more quickly. "In short, OkCupid worked better," Rudder said.