Funny series of tattoo coverups from people that are clearly moving on.

10 Funny and Utterly Ruthless Tattoo Coverups From Exes Clearly Moving On

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People share the dumbest ways that their exes tried to win them back.

50 People Share the Most Idiotic Ways Their Exes Tried to Win Them Back

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tinder exes pranks Video dating - 83477761

What Would You Do if Your Tinder Date's Cray Ex Showed Up in During Your Date?

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Sorry Not Sorry

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We Need To Talk

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Aren't You Proud of Me?!

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By Unknown

Respect the Grapes

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Stop Talking About Your Exes

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Via Stoic Mike

Just a Friendly Jester For the Queen

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By (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Totally Not Weird, Bro

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By Sven22

Totally Normal, Brah

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By robotbee

Yeah No...

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By emilymaeee

NO We Don't Want That Anymore

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By Unknown

I Think You Need to Calm the Hell Down

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By Unknown

That's One Way To Do It

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By Unknown

This Option Would Save So Much Misery

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