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13 People Share What Made Them Realize They Were Dating a Crazy Person

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10 Awkward Texts From Exes That Should've Stayed In The Drafts Folder

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16 Things People's Exes Ruined For Them

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15 People Share What Type of Person They Will Never Date Again

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12 Exes Share the Most Pathetic Ways Their Partners Tried and Failed to Win 'Em Back

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Crazy chick has meltdown after her date postpones for a while in texting conversation.

Crazy Chick Has Full-Fledged Meltdown When Her Date's Postponed One Hour

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10 Funny and Utterly Ruthless Tattoo Coverups From Exes Clearly Moving On

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What Would You Do if Your Tinder Date's Cray Ex Showed Up in During Your Date?

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Sorry Not Sorry

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We Need To Talk

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Aren't You Proud of Me?!

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Respect the Grapes

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Stop Talking About Your Exes

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Just a Friendly Jester For the Queen

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