Teachers share the best excuses they got that ended up being true | reddit posted by Fortisvol Told he got pulled over by cops wobbly driving on his bike and they thought he drunk. Turned out he just dodging all slugs on street.

Best Excuses Teachers Got That Turned Out True

These excuses defied what teachers thought was possible.
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Times cops stopped people and their outlandish excuses turned out to be true.

Excuses People Gave The Cops That Turned Out To Be Legit

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funny late excuses used

32 People Share The Dumbest But Legit Excuses They Used When They Were Late For Work/School

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crazy excuses students gave teachers

14 Ridiculous Excuses Students Have Told Teachers

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crazy excuses that were true

17 Crazy BS Excuses That Turned out to Be True

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ER doctors share the craziest excuses they've ever received from people for shoving things up their butt.

ER Doctors Share 38 the Craziest Excuses They Got From People For Putting Things Up Their Butts

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Affection To Infection

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You Get an 'A' Forever

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That Excuse Might Leave a Bad Taste With Your Teacher

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The Universal Excuse Machine

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Excuses Are For Pansies!

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University Teacher FTW

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The Worst Date Ever...

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How'd That Work Out for Ya?

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