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The Ex-Girlfriend Sale!

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Your Ex Just Can't Let Go

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Drunks Never Give Straight Answers

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That Is So Weird

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Put Down the Phone

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Which Will Win: Laziness, or the Desire to Get Laid Again?

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Hell Hath No Fury...

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Orange Telecommunications Company Continues to Charge Man's Grandma a Year After She Dies, Mistakenly Calls Her His "Ex-Girlfriend"

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She Took a Class Once

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Bad Breakup

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Not the Best Way to Find Out, But I'll Take It

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Oops... Forgot We Were Friends!

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Apply Cold Water to That Burn

Text - 12 hours ago BRB need to go burn stuff my ex gave me- Like Comment and 37 others like this. You can't burn herpes. Silly about an hour ago Unlike 2

Plot Twist: Girlfriend Was Arbys the Whole Time

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Too Detailed? NOPE.

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Ex-Girlfriend, Wat R U Doin'?

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