A collection of cursed food items that are utterly disgusting | Hot dogs with mushy peas and mint sauce. | 500g NET J Jam THYME LEAVES Flavours or Preservatives Its Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme.

Unfortunate Cursed Food Abominations

Thanks, I hate it.
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creepy donald trump vine eww daughter Video - 81814273

Ivanka Is Extremely Lucky to Be Donald Trump's Daughter

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This Goes For All Water And Some Land Formations

kids, pee, water, eww
Via Memebase

Eww...Don't Drink That

booty eww jeans straw - 4150465024
Created by Unknown
eww funny science - 65010945

Hooray for Mucus

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Building a Better Tapeworm

eww Fake Science funny - 7734452992
Created by Unknown

Thank Goodness I Don't Upgrade

eww irony T.Shirt wtf - 4102254080
Created by Unknown

The Cat Suit is Nice, but I Don't Understand His Pants

couple eww make up pants Party shoes - 4268704256
Created by Unknown

Take My Hand

au natural eww runway wig wtf - 4273121024
Created by YaGotzTaBeKiddinMe

Double Whammy

eww passed out urine - 4529633536
Created by Unknown

It's Got a Skull on it Because it's Poison

a vodka and tequila mix
Via Texas Dood 84

Maybe I Don't Want to Squart...

wtf eww funny - 8100796672
Created by Unknown

Oh, God...Is That a Tail?

costume eww tail wtf - 4120025856

One Math Love Story Plus Another Math Love Story

cute eww fixed homework math We Are Dating - 5327104000
Created by Unknown

Don't Rub Him

he's got quite the magic lamp
Via dudes of tinder

Can You Elaborate on "the Goodies"

he wants to kiss your goodies
Via dearpatriarchyf**koff
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