10 reddit text images aita for eating cake hiding from wife and kids | thumbnail grey background, slice of cake bottom right, text "Let me introduce you to a marvelous concept: decoy chocolate. You get your super special treat, you buy a large amount of the cheapest chocolate the partner/kids eat. Throw it at them and while the vultures are distracted inhale your treat."

Tired Dad Caught Eating Slice Of Cake Alone In Car, Wife Fumes At Him For Being 'Dramatic'

Next time, destroy the evidence
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attorney demands dashcam footage and lawyer sends a different tape, then sues a wins case

Lawyer Pulls Dash Cam Switcheroo On Rigid Insurance Attorney

Alright, law is weird.
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Tumblr conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son | unstumpabledeplorable Search feelings know be true. Canada prime minister Cuba dictator comparison thread

Tumblr Conspiracy Theorizes Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's Son

The key is in the nipples, apparently
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evidence wtf accident cars driver car accident Video - 100535041

Man Denies Accident While He's Causing It

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evidence evolution science Video - 65433089

Evolutionary Evidence

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Don't Worry About Staying Calm

evidence funny science critical thinking - 8168529920
Via Liberating Reality

Delete This Status

evidence - 4683468032
By Unknown

Theories: Close Enough

evidence theories Close Enough science g rated School of FAIL - 6881009664
By Unknown

The Evidence Doesn't Lie

evidence glitter kesha - 6840465152
By Klauss

Trashy Television Pays Off

cooking evidence law and order television TV - 6380934400
By Unknown

After 12: Destroy The Evidence

after 12 arrest drugs evidence gifs police - 5706987008
By Unknown

Them And Their Damn Invites

angry drunk evidence facebook texting - 5248388608
By Unknown

Damning Evidence

drunk evidence Hall of Fame texting - 5196582912
By Unknown

Probably Bad News: Put Your Suspicions To Roost

birds evidence failboat g rated irony Probably bad News - 5097982208
By Unknown

Screencaps are Forever

busted drunk driving evidence law TMI - 4892162816
By Matt Burke

The Vancouver Riots: Exhibit "B"

evidence facepalm hockey riot - 4874513920
Via Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List