FAIL escalator funny fall - 387846

Kid Eating It on An Escalator Will Make You Want to Take The Stairs

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Funny video of an old couple trying to make it down the escalator but unable to get anywhere because it is going the wrong direction.

Old Oblivious Couple Stages Heroic Effort to Walk Down Escalator Going UP

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jesus escalator - 85572097

Watch Jesus Carry His Cross Up an Escalator Without Accounting for the Ceiling

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Prior Planning FAIL

escalator fall - 6320499712
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When Your Hoverboard Balance is Perfect, Don't Forget to Check For Small Children Behind You

funny fail gif little kid wrecks guy on hoverboard balancing ipad
Via AdamE89
rats FAIL escalator Video - 82027265

Watching a Rat Run Up a Mall Escalator is Too Relatable For All of Us Out Here Just Trying to Make Some Cheese

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ouch FAIL escalator wrong way Video - 183559

Man Learns a Valuable Lesson Going the Wrong Way on an Escalator

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alcohol drunk escalator Video - 73410561

This Drunk Dude is Going to Have a Long Escalator Ride

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slinky escalator wood DIY Video win - 73182977

Watching This Guy Build a Slinky Escalator is Mesmerizing

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animals dogs escalator Sad temporarily stairs Video - 41266945

FAILdog Takes the Escalator

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bad idea escalator Video - 70891265

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Escalator Edition

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It's a GIF, but You Can Still Hear the Thud

ouch gifs escalator fail nation - 8296311040
Via TheJackal8

That Moment You Realize Mistakes Happened

Via Acid Cow
mall escalator temporarily stairs bike Video - 69263105

This Sick Bike Challenge Took Place Inside a Mall!

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Sometimes Clothing Has Unexpected Hazards

Via theCHIVE

Bonus Points for a Moving Target!

escalator gifs sports temporarily stairs soccer - 8355367168
Via Epileptic_Ebola
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