Guy stands up to boss who makes him work as a courier | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by CleverNamePodcast Sorry not courier work large shipping company Canada work early morning loading trucks but as needed would go out and deliver packages. At first here and there but soon became normal after my regularly scheduled shift would go out and deliver

Guy Stands Up to Jerk Boss Who Makes Him do Two Jobs

Nothing quite like using a bad boss's words against them.
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funny, stupid and cringeworthy construction | person standing on a ladder balanced on a crane | person sitting in an unsafe harness thing fixing a wall

Cringeworthy and Inadvisable Construction Maneuvers

Whose idea was that?
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Engineering company rents equipment instead of buying it and wastes tens of thousands of dollars | Posted by u/calladus 2 days ago 97 3 6 15,000 equipment is too expensive department purchase. Why don't just rent 48,000 year oc M Back days 33.6kbps modems were hot shit worked engineering department growing company. This company had started small privately owned, and VPs had all put portion their own money start company. By this time story, they were finally making respectable 30-40 million year

Management Pays Rent On Equipment, Wastes Tens of Thousands

Wonderful strategy.
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scary horrifying flight incident plane wheel completely comes off airplane during takeoff.

Airline Passenger Records Wheel Coming Off During Takeoff

Holy crap.
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Story of a construction worker who ended up awkwardly spooning his boss on the first day.

Construction Worker Finds Himself Spooning Boss on First Day

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Video of forklifts unloading a train, failing and tipping the car over.

Forklift Unloading Fail Results In Derailed Train

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escaping death

18 Riveting Close Calls Where People Escaped Death by Seconds

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scary warning sign spooky signs equipment dangerous funny funny signs drowning machine - 6682885

17 Signs That Are More Terrifying than They have to Be

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Music FAILS: Guitar Amp FAIL

amp equipment FAIL g rated guitar Music FAILS sound - 5992110592
By Computergeek1000

Fool! This Isn't a Table!

equipment - 6013729536
By Unknown

One of These Is Not Like the Other

amp equipment - 6005323520
By Unknown

Sweet Stack... Oh

amp concert equipment live show - 5868546816
Via Arbroath

Can't Wait Until Everything Is Wireless

annoying equipment office chair - 5247561216
equipment shredder Video - 21205505

For the More Resilient and/or Incriminating Documents

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Missing Supplies?

equipment office supplies stealing - 4765582592
By onyxblood
backflip equipment failboat g rated ouch playground Video - 18779137


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