That Looks Like the Opposite of Fun

engineering thermodynamics engine - 6723343872
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Frankenstein Solenoid of Sorts

duct tape frankenstein engine car engine - 6666956288
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Missing Something, Bro?

engine truck semi truck - 6675313920
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Stay On, Damn You!

engine zipties - 6628186880
Created by mpjob

No Oil Cap? No Problem!

wine cork cork engine - 6651520512
Created by Spyke

"Slight Rattling Noise" FAIL

cars driving engine repairs - 6586096640
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Kludgeomotive 101

car fix engine pipe zipties - 6538904576
Created by MagikMitch

Well There's Your Problem FAIL

car cars engine fix snake - 6532989952
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car driving engine merica Video - 40882689

WIN!: Playing the "Star Spangled Banner" WIN

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cars design driving engine lego - 6414779904
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engine Video - 39340289

There I Fixed It: Watch an Engine Be Stripped and Replaced in 3000 Stop-Motion Pictures

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Can't Tell if Truck or My Back Porch...

bumper car fail car fix engine grill hood truck - 6387617536

The Turbotruck

engine mississippi redneck south truck - 6286847488
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The Renault Recliner

car chair engine lazy boy - 6283666944
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Find Your Freeze

beer cooling engine jeep - 6267195136
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There I Fixed It: There, I'm Trying to Fix It!

car repair engine engine repair wrench - 6233623040
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