33 existential memes | thumbnail left woody toy story with flames meme "another day begins, but no one asks why" thumbnail left man lifting what looks like blurry dumbbell "no john you can't eat the abyss"

Existential Memes For A Little Extra Emotional Support

Existential dread lol
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Teacher's wholesome moment with a moody student comes full circle | Story time Back 14-15 school year teaching science Orange at challenging year as middle school is generally pretty terrible everyone involved had one period honors students filled with pretty bright spectrum students. There one girl who sat front and filled with typical middle school angst. Always had her black hoodie on and up, with her sleeves past her hands; and hair front her face. She quiet and kept herself.

Teacher's Emotional Moment With Moody Student Comes Full Circle

Get ready for a feels trip.
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An emotionally stirring story about the time that David Bowie gave a kid an "invisible mask."

Emotional Story About David Bowie Gifting Kid "Invisible Mask"

RIP to a true legend.
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Man shares meaningful Twitter thread about his struggle with getting windows fixed.

Man Shares Vulnerable Thread About Struggles With Mental Health

Spoken from the heart.
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A girl wins the lottery, hides it from her friends, and then chaos breaks loose.

Girl Wins Lottery, Hides It From Friends, Chaos Ensues

The lottery can really be a curse.
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Man pays homage to River, the real life dog that they used in Fallout 4.

Emotional Twitter Thread Honors River, The Real-Life Dog Used In Fallout 4

A true legend has passed.
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A collection of the most common mistakes that people make during relationships.

Most Common Mistakes People Make In Relationships

Wise to avoid these.
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Kid's dad passes away, kid discovers dad's notebook, and then a feels trip ensues. | Like, Anonymous 1 hour ago 46515536 1474820705804.jpg (23.3 KB, 242x206) 1 REPLY ears Rain, Sco0 >Born year 1993 >Mother abandoned at birth >22 year old father abandons all his dreams raises alone >times are tough as fuck as he has juggle work and whenever he has free time play vidya together move old nintendo and shit WoW raiding and so on

Kid's Dad Passes Away, Kid Discovers His Notebook, Feels Trip Ensues

Right in the feels.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to Redditors that joined the military and went on to regret it | tweet by IWasSayingBoourner greatest concentration absolute worst people l've ever come across my life silhouettes of soldiers walking

Redditors That Joined The Military Share Their Regrets

These people have all kinds of regrets.
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A collection of breakup texts between partners | hand written note Alexander Im sorry but dont want boyfriend anymore wanna break-up and no dont want be with any friends. Jenny

Breakup Texts That Ended Things In A Blaze Of Glory

Some people can't end things peacefully, and need to burn that bridge like no other.
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Little brother writes emotional notes for his sister while she's crying in the bathroom | tweet by annieedagrannie so locked myself bathroom bawling my eyes out and next thing know my 10 year old brother slides these notes under door don't deserve him

Little Brother Writes Emotional Notes For Sister Crying In The Bathroom

What an amazing little brother.
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A woman shares a powerful Twitter thread on prison visit struggles that people encounter | Liliana Segura @LilianaSegura Yesterday accompanied woman see her loved one prison left before dawn make AM visit. Several hours later were headed back home, our visit denied wanted share bit about experience.

Woman Shares Powerful Twitter Thread On Prison Visit Struggles

Plain old terrible.
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Twitter thread calls out people that don't move on after breakups | Rev Rell Follow @awkward_duck My homeboy, who love pieces, had great gf but he kept messing up. Like big time. Finally she called quits. He told her he gonna take time become better person she agreed they could reconcile later if he really worked on himself.

Twitter Thread: Man Gets Reality Check After Breakup

This guy's lesson can be applied to many folks.
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A Twitter thread about a woman's loving friends stepping up in her time of need | Sheila O'Malley @sheilakathleen year after my dad died so bad don't remember 90 moved new apt and unable unpack MONTHS ashamed couldn't unpack can be UNABLE unpack? Just open g.d. boxes year cried 19 days. Straight 1

Twitter Thread: Woman's Loving Friends Offer Beautiful Support

That's what real friends do.
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An emotional post about enjoying your time alive | r/GetMotivated Posted by u/mylasttie true wolf 4y 79 S 1 [Text] Soon will be gone forever, but 's okay as long as someone reads this Health Fitness am only 24 years old, yet have actually already chosen my last tie s one will wear on my funeral few months now may not match my suit, but think 's perfect occasion.

Emotional Post About Enjoying Your Time On Earth

Too many feels.
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A Tumblr thread about counteracting Karens and Kens with tears | beckyloveslife work retail, and have many years now not an easily fazed person and have Talk No Shit, Take No Shit mentality. However also have pretty intense anxiety disorder on top other mental health issues and started 6+ years ago there were some customers who got So all workers facing Karens and Kens out wild, here's my advice cry. If have type relationships with coworkers and managers will support don't try hold Cry like over

Tumblr Thread: Crying As Self Defense Against Karens And Kens

Seems like an effective plan.
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