Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. It is an extremely popular form of communicating within the online environment. 

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How to Give Good Emoji

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Rapper, Producer, and Full-Time Twitter-er Lil B Can Be Your Newest Emoji Set

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Any Dumb Lie Can be True if You Slap Some Emoji on it!

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Baby I Just Want to Show You My CAM Cycle

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Plus or Minus a Dozen Cats and You Got Me

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The Many Stages of Battery Grief

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We're Back to Using Hieroglyphs Now?

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The Emojis We Actually Need on Our Phones

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We All Have a Friend Like Sarah, or at Least We Should

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Dad Will Be Here All Week Folks, Try the Veal!

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You Know What Emoji Needed More of? NEWMAN!

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Can I Get a Girl That's Just an Emoji?

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We Require More Faces for This Book

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What do We do Now That There Are "Emoji Among Us"?

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Wear Your Emotions On Your Shorts

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The Emojis Really Call Into Question What's Going on Here

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