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Daniel Radcliffe Shows Us He's Still Got Magic in Him With a Flawless Karaoke Performance of Eminem With Girlfriend Erin Darke

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If You Want to Find Eminem at the Airport, There's Really Only One Thing to Do

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Lose Yourself in This Awesome Eminem Sign Language Video!

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The Musical Chameleon Behind "Ten Second Songs" Takes on Eminem's "Rap God" in 40 Different Styles

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Eminem Should Give a Shout Out to This Rap Goddess

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The Candy Rapping Hides a Chocolate Interior

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Eminem's Newest Rhyme Exclaims He Will Punch Lana Del Ray in the Face. Reactions to This Were Not so Kind.

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Eminem Has Really Gone Through Some Changes Throughout the Years

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We Don't Want to Know Where You Threw Up

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Eminem's "Rap God" Goes Acoustic in This Cool Cover

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Things Haven't Changed All That Much

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Aging Is For Other People

aging eminem - 7932307968

Melts In Your Mouth

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Seriously iTunes?

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16.64 Words Per Second. Think About That...

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"Random Guy"

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