Veteriniarians as a reindeer question on facebook and it gets bigger than that | Horse Vet Corner Maggie Knox have question our wonderful VETS only please. This is not an emergency by any means, and is bit unusual: My children are very concerned about Santa's reindeer getting laminitis due overeating candy canes, cookies, and carrots. Are caribou prone founder like horses been unable find any information on subject elsewhere on internet. Please delete this without thought if this question. Paula

Vets Around The World Responded To Kids' Question About Santa's Reindeer

Keeping the magic alive!
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A dad goes out with his wife and gets drunk and proceeds to come home and accidentally flush an elf on the shelf down the toilet | TIFU when I tried to move the Elf On A Shelf  My wife and Family are really upset

Dad Has Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Fail

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funny elf on the shelf photoshop

Airports Engage In Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Photoshop Battle On Twitter

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