Employee shares a meme on their day off, and proceeds to get fired | Because shared funny meme On Sunday not at work brought work into on Sunday. So going fire over meme shared nowhere relavent work at all share things think are funny all time 's meme Andy why are doing all this over meme

Man Shares Meme On His Day Off, Gets Fired

Cody's better off without them.
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Sad humor hilarious FAIL heartwarming nostalgia elmo lol robin williams Bloopers funny - 96233985

Robin Williams' Sesame Street Bloopers Will Melt Your Heart with Laughter

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Furless Tickle-Me-Elmo Ends Up Being Traumatizing Grade A Nightmare Fuel

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Watch a Tickle-Me-Elmo Get Destroyed By a Jet Engine

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Elmo Says "SOON"

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Advice of the Day: Surgeon General Tells Elmo Why He Needs a Vaccination

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Next Time Knock When Elmo and Cookie Monster Are Looking for Privacy

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You've Convinced Me

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Elmo Had Some Really Crazy Ideas Early in Life

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Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo Team Up to Talk About Skin

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Elmo Finally Lets His Hair Down and Lets the Bodies Hit the Floor

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That's Not How You Hug, Elmo

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On Their Way Back to Sesame Street

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Elmo Loves You, and Boss Hogs

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Elmo's Rebellious Phase

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Elmo Has Had it Up to HERE With Your BS

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