Going up? The elevator is the savior of all people, lazy and otherwise, who just can't stand the thought of a few flights of stairs. So take the easy way, the fast way, and honestly between us, the smart way. Who needs to get to their destination looking like they finished an IronMan.

Repairman tricks entitled mom | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Longshot79 11 hours ago EK gets us "suspended week oc M Ok work on elevators, and at this time an apprentice working on service jobs with mechanic call him "Rick Now Rick really nice guy got along really well, but he had bit short fuse. Thrown tools were fairly normal if he got frustrated. Anyways were working on an elevator with machinery basement, and some only accessible elevator pit took all steps normally would, put signs on

Entitled Mom Demands to Speak to Elevator Tech's Supervisor, It's Him

Buttons were pressed.
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guys don't put full glass pane in elevator, elevator moves, shattering glass

Guys Really Screw Up Transporting Glass In Elevator

The whole thing needs to go in.
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weird things found in elevators | TheAyre 278 points 1 day ago Not an elevator technician, but can tell some dude, at some point is going find kindle at bottom shaft Toronto hotel elevator. Rules remember: Rule #1: Always check zipped carry-on and didn't leave gap bottom Rule #2: Kindles fit through small carry-on bag zipper gaps and elevator shaft gaps

Weird Things Found in Elevator Shafts

It's the forbidden zone.
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An elevator technician takes revenge on an entitled woman | r/ProRevenge u/PuffMaNOwYeah 1y Join 6 need elevator NOW! Originally posted on O r/entitledpeople Posted here on popular demand. Edit: thanks gold, u/july2thrillerjunkie and 5 unknown strangers! So an elevator technician they break one who fixes them parts wear out replace them get .

Elevator Technician Takes Revenge On Entitled Woman

She learned her lesson.
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Woman jumps out of a malfunctioning elevator with a bowl of soup.

Soup Lady Jumps Out Of Deadly Moving Elevator

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elevator drama FAIL tourists trapped family dumb stupid dramatic vacation - 97729025

Overreacting Tourists Break Elevator To Escape

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snapchat elevator doctor social media ridiculous - 7845381

Frustrated Doctor Stuck In Elevator Documents His Hour Of Impatient Suffering

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instant karma elevator FAIL gross pee prank funny - 363526

Kid Gets Instant Karma after Peeing on Elevator Buttons

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Amtrak Hits Epic New Low, And Responds to Woman Trapped in Elevator Seven Months Too Late

Via Vocativ

When the Elevator Fails, Who You Gonna Call? Not the Police, They're the Ones Stuck

funny fail image kansas city police get rescued from elevator by fire department
Via Kansas City Missouri Police Department

Elevate Your Mind

dumb elevator has button for floor i'm on
Via superlike
elevator awesome Video - 75508737

This is the Quite Possibly the Coolest Elevator in Existence

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elevator FAIL tired Video - 75010817

This Tired Elevator Chime is Exactly How Everyone Feels by the End of the Work Day

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elevator design Video - 71710977

This Elevator Design is Simultaneously Cool and Terrifying

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Office Groovin'

animated dance elevator gifs me gusta Office rage comic - 5384211712
By Unknown
elevator history Video g rated win - 70490113

The Elevator of the New One World Trade Center Takes You on a Ride Through History

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