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Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" Played On Appliances Is Pretty Much Spot On

Object-ively good.
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Big public computer screens and electronic billboard fails | apple store with a screen installed on a wall displaying a windows starting screen | electronic billboard showing a computer's desktop and a folder named cool sign

Very Public Computer Errors

When what should be a road sign is just a desktop background.
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IT does printer exorcism and it works | r/talesfromtechsupport Posted by GuruDad Printer exorcism meant as joke, but holy hand grenades worked. am freelance consultant, and occasionally am on- site break fix stuff. This occurred many years ago, so apologies if some is little vague

IT Guy Performs Printer Exorcism and It Works

They also respond well to threats.
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life hacks and tricks that work

18 Tricks That People Were Flabbergasted Actually Worked

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26% Left

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Please Tell Me This Revolves

dual use electronics poll remote - 4840573440
By Silent_Scope

Exactly What the Break Room Needs

monday thru friday work electronics - 8102673664
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An Alternative Method

kids electronics parenting punishment g rated - 8278482688
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Rust Assured That This Isn't Hazardous at All!

computer fan electronics fan rust - 6261026304
By Noctis.Ignem

Child's Play

electronics kids these days mario - 6260502016
By Unknown

Teaching Them Young

cars electronics holding it up kids parenting - 5826978304
By Unknown

Size Never Matters

batteries electronics wtf - 5811257856
By Unknown

Please Make a Portable Version

CD player computer parts electronics wtf - 5807023872
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They're Big and Clunky Already

DIY electronics headphones - 5783310848
By Unknown

Too Lazy to Buy a New Mouse

computers electronics mouse string - 5737945856
By Alexander

So Much for Efficiency

electronics graph repair screw - 5732738304
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