Where There's a Will, There's a Way

adapter battery electricity plug screwdriver socket - 6057747712
Created by Unknown

Adapt to Survive

electricity plug socket - 6035898624
Created by Brian

There Are Many Things to be Worried About Here

electricity plumbing shower wtf - 5866605312
Created by Dremdosh

LED is On, That's All That Matters

Electrical tape electricity LED outlet - 4332822528
Created by Unknown

Bamboo "Batteries"

electricity Hall of Fame neat not a kludge - 5753805312
Created by hair_flipper ( Via Instructables )


electricity hacked irl lightning sign tag warning - 5746885120
Created by BakaGluttony

Homicidal Outlet

electricity outlet safety first wtf - 5702812928
Via Reddit

Oh That's an Interesting... Wait What?

electricity outlet wtf - 5696582912
Created by Unknown

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
Created by Eddiie

Take That, Gravity

electricity holding it up lights rubber band - 4337331968
Created by bootysweat47

A Cool Tree Distracts Them From The Awful Presents

electricity ladder lights - 5634941184
Created by Unknown

Ungrounded Idea

electricity outlet safety first - 5647087616
Created by Wil

This is Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

contractor electricity Professional At Work safety first - 5641911808
Created by CoJaBo

Fire Hazard? What's That?

electricity fire hazard nails plug power strip - 5620567040
Created by el.carl2

Hacked IRL: Just Give it a Test Fit

bad idea cleaning electricity graffiti hacked irl nope - 5587017728
Created by Unknown

Mad Science Monday: I Guess Everyone Has a Generator in Their Garage

cars electricity generator Mad Science Monday - 5554298880
Created by mattpik2