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'I got paid to repair all the violations': "House flipper" wants electrician to mislead inspector after getting someone else to do the work

This electrician quickly realized that they didn't want to work with a short-tempered house flipper after watching the client go off on his business-partner brother. The electrician gave the client his “I don’t want to do this job” price which led the client to go with another electrician. When the client contacted them months later to meet with the inspector, it became instantly apparent that the workmanship was incredibly poor and not up to code. There are endless videos online that display t…
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Electrician Gets Shocked by Everything He Touches in Client’s Home, Sparks Heated Debated Between Professionals and Amateurs

Electrician Gets Shocked by Everything He Touches in Client’s Home, Sparks Heated Debated Between Professionals and Amateurs

Either something is really wrong with the wiring or the house is built on top of a portal to the Upside Down…
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Washing machine working on water turbine power

Man Powers House With Creek And A Washing Machine

Simply awesome.
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Funny fight story review for amazon electric knuckles | < PS Products Knuckle Blaster is 950,000V S Victory! By tdoog May 5, 2013 purchased this after confronted by some punks demanding hand over my money relatively fit guy, but no match them is realized need protect myself day after bought this product went very same Wal-Mart parking lot first mugged approached group hooligans standing outside entrance, concealing my secret weapon.

Electric Knuckles Amazon Review is a Fight for the Ages

The best part is that well over 2,000 people found this review helpful.
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playing it safe not taking risks and saving yourself from trouble

16 Times People Played it Safe And Saved Their Own Ass

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biggest fails and mistakes

15 People Share The Biggest F*ck-Up They've Ever Witnessed

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23 Signs That Are Too Scary for Their Own Good

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The Number of Just One Man's Electrical FAILures is Shocking

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Don't Poke the Bear, Especially if the Bear is Actually a Live Electrical Wire

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It's Better Than Bad, It's Good

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Created by Neil Hoh

Curiosity Killed the Temp

curiosity killed the cat danger do not touch electricity - 6529354496
Created by Unknown

The First Signs of Electricity Theft

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Created by geha714

The Color's Been A Bit Burnt Out Recently

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Created by Unknown

Classic: A Light Dawned On Me

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Created by Snake73

Must Have Been Fixed at a Veteran's Hospital

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Created by Szabi from Hungary
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