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A 3,200-Year-Old Attendance Record Has Been Making Rounds of the Internet and You’d Be Fired For Missing Work For These Reasons Today

“Yeah, sorry for missing work yesterday. We were too busy mummifying Grandma.”
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Tumblr thread on interesting female pharaoh history | demands-with-menace Queen Hatshepsut Ancient Egypt. She has lovely smile someone who's been dead thousands years | deux-zero-deux she wasn't queen. she pharaoh and wanted be referred as such. she even had her statues modeled after male pharaoh's statues state her dominance and authority. she actually one most successful pharaohs all ancient egyptian history and she reigned longer than any other woman power egypt. cumleak damn no wonder she

Tumblr Drops Intriguing Knowledge on Ancient Female Pharaoh

There's always something new to learn.
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Dude Makes Bread from 4,500 Year Old Yeast Sample

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Removing the Brain Egyptian Style

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Praise be to Imhotep, God of Reception!

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All Those Dams on the Nile River Were Used to Generate Power

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Intelligence is a Luxor-y

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By paul.stevens.5836
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Recent and Strange Discoveries

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Lost City of Thonis Discovered Beneath the Sea

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Not Just a River in Egypt

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Geography Denial

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Ancient Civilizations 101: So This Goes Pretty Far Back Then

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Neither Does Greece or Rome

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Destination WIN!: Take a Look Around the Pyramids of Giza

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Newsfeed of the World: September 2012

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Lolspeak Is the New Hieroglyph

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