mass effect gaming editing lol 90s austin powers video games funny Video - 107833089

Part 2 Of Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Needed More Of

A while back, an editing genius by the name of eli_handle_b․wav made a very fine send up of Austin Powers In Mass Effect. It made us feel good to watch in more ways than one. Maybe it's our age. Maybe it's the quality. Whatever it is there's more of it now and it makes us want to do horrible things with a tennis racket in a tent while a disgusted henchman watches our shadows.
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dogs editing photoshop photoshopped funny derp - 16231941

Dog Does A Derp Catching Snowball, Gets Photoshopped To The Nines

Photoshop is the best. It doesn't take a whole lot to inspire creativity in people with photoshop, or in some of these cases possibly MS Paint. One solid image of a dog doing something weird, an issued challenge, and people on the internet are off to the races trying to find the weirdest, funniest or most fitting location for that derpin' dog. For some delectable photoshop trolls, here are some choice photoshop trolls from the master James Fridman.
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disney screaming editing ridiculous lion king funny stupid - 107810049

The Lion King But With Human Screams

Remember that really emotion scene from The Lion King? The one where Simba roars on the top of pride rock, and all the other lions roar back? Well a while ago someone dubbed regular people screams over the lion roars. If only the makers of the original film decided to go this route, it'd be an even bigger classic.
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FPS editing lol funny stupid toaster - 107757825

Dude Goes Hard FPS Style With A Toaster

We're just glad that we live in a time where video editing magic can turn a man and a toaster into a perfect recreation of Call of Duty. But it doesn't just stop with the toaster. Here's more of Kommander Karl reloading everyday objects in first person .
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funny animals people photoshopped

Animals That Got The Photoshop Treatment

Alright, so that's great.
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editing lol supercut funny bath tub jim carrey - 107647233

The Truman Show But Only From The Bathtub Guy's Perspective

How old is this movie again?
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mass effect editing movies lol austin powers video games funny - 107508225

Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Everybody may like their own brand, but these two together are magic.
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editing lol Beef supercut funny stupid - 107428609

Supercut Of Econ Professor Saying "Beef" 125 Times In One Lecture

We feel like we've learned something.
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noises michael jackson editing lol tennis dumb funny stupid - 107386113

Tennis But It's Michael Jackson Sounds

Thirt-hee hee love.
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Jurassic Park trailer with Pee-wee Herman as dinosaurs

Jurassic Park Trailer But Every Dinosaur Is Pee-wee Herman

Oh no.
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How Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" would sound if the cartoons were actually playing.

Gorillaz But Instrumentally Accurate Is Blursed Gold

Kinda ruins the magic a bit.
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unrealistic photoshop fails | woman in a safety helmet winking at the camera with a person behind her looking completely warped | man with giant square jaw and tiny nose

Cringeworthy and Unrealistic Photoshop Fails

Learning self acceptance might be easier than learning photoshop.
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Husband falls asleep in car and the background gets changed with photoshop | Sharea Overman Awakening Inspiration and Support Professional Photographers 22h R hope this is allowed husband fell asleep. Can y'all photoshop things window so can show him he missed while he are on road and my asleep??

Community Photoshops In The Many Things Sleeping Husband Missed

What a big road trip.
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Star Wars Cardi B Sound Effects Rey Kylo Ren

Star Wars but the Sound Effects are Cardi B

Wow, you can hardly tell the difference.
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Funny news headline fails.

Classic Stupid News Headlines to Start the Day Off Dumb

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Funny greeting cards people changed and edited themselves.

Corrected Greeting Cards From People Who Did Their Best

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