Tumblr explains that kool-aid dyes leather | KoofAid LIQuid gunmetalskies Here's life-hack Apparently concentrated Kool-Aid can be used as pretty effective leather dye making drink while cutting snaps off some new straps my pauldrons and got curious, so tried thinking ok even if this works will just wash out Nope.

Tumblr Discovers Kool-Aid Will Dye Leather

Looks potent.
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hair customer service orange terrible dye salon inconsiderate customers hair dye car crash story - 8722693

Horrible Inconsiderate Customer Gets Her Hair Orange'd

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hair dye FAIL cringe - 358918

This Hair Coloring Fail Will Make You Want To Dye

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How Many Things Can We Get in This Hydrocoating Fluid RIGHT NOW?

gif dye mind blown science - 7958504192
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Looks Ripe to Me

hair dye poorly dressed g rated - 7387229184
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Why Does Your Hair Turn Brown Near Your Ass?

dye hair - 6531991552
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Careful With the Clippers Next Time!

dye hair haircut - 6498025216
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dye hair pretty colors win WIN? - 6444065792
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Poorly Dressed: And Lo, The Curtains Will ALWAYS Match the Drapes

color dye g rated hair Hall of Fame poorly dressed what - 6325403136
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Underwater Ink WIN

art dye pretty colors water - 6297888768
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Hacked IRTrees WIN

dye environment environmentalism Forest hacked irl trees - 6061992960
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dye g rated green Hall of Fame river St Patrick's Day Video win YT video - 35479297

WIN!: St. Paddy's River Dying WIN

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Organic WIN

clever dye food label - 5412215808
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The Bubblegum Leophead

dye hair leopard pink - 5226781696

Hair Skunk

dye hair hair dye - 5201135360
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It's Pointing to a Vacancy

arrow dye hair rat tail - 5013835520
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