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Ducks Are Horrible Creatures

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Baby Ducks, Way Better Than Studying

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Sounds Like a Bunch of Quacks to Me

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Not Sure She's Going to Get Back to You

fighting with ducks is a great way to meet women
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That's One Tiny Duck

sub atomic duck says quark
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Someone Really Likes Wine...and Ducks

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A Reasonable Excuse

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Duckface is Out, Duckpacks are In

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A Very Believable Excuse

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Just a Few Ducks Out For a Stroll

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This Missionary Won't Let Some Ducklings Get Separated from Their Mom

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Now That's Classy!

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Are Your Ducks This Well Trained? Didn't Think so...

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It's Hard Getting This Many Kids to School All at Once

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That's Solid Advice

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Ducks Make Great Physicists

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