duck lips

Duck Lips: Who Wore It Better?

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Poorly Dressed: How Rude, Jersey Mom

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We've Gotta Pull That Poison Ivy Lip Gloss From The Shelves

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Tired of Looking Normal, I See?

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Duck Lips Counteract the Nerd Glasses, Sorry

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The Duck Face NEVER Looks Good

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Duck Lips Are Best Left To Ducks

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Guidos Of A Feather

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Bros: This is what humanity has come to

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Bros: He Has an Incurable Degenerative Disease. What's Your Excuse, Ladies?

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Bros: Eerily similar.

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Bros: They warned us that some day marriages to ducks would be legal

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Poorly Dressed: Not realistic--the camera's too nice

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Bros: It's the natural progress of evolution, really

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Charles Darwin Explains the Duck Lip Phenomena

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