People's funny and creative drawings of ducks | blank page with just a duck's beak and feet on it Draw duck and share art

People's Responses to the "Draw a Duck" Prompt

And on rare occasions, they drew ducks.
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People were prompted to draw ducks.

People Were Asked To Draw a Duck, and They Responded

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Smooth Tinder Match Choose-Your-Own-Adventures His Way to Victory

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Girl Gets Ducked Hard

Funny GIF of a girl getting ducked by a duck, real hard.
Via DaFunOne
duck twitter ducks plane flying - 1039621

Feel Blessed to Live in a World Where Emotional Support Ducks Exist

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Quack Pic

Via straightwhiteboystexting

Oh Hey, Buddy!

animals cc crunk critters deer duck - 6284621056
By Unknown

The Amazon River, the Only Habitat for the Rare Brazilian Duck

amazing autocorrect duck Hall of Fame swearing swears - 5327188480
By Unknown

Two People Will Duck Each Other Sweetly in Five Minutes

auto correct dating duck relationships wet - 5515567872
By Veltrida

Sweet Reaction Time

duck girlfriend angry funny - 8289057536
By Unknown

That's Not Fair, Ducks Could Never be This Evil

duck birds facepalm - 8185652224
Via Phred_Felps

Ducks Just Don't Give a Duck About Your Construction

animals duck cement construction - 8177656576
Via Arbroath

Classic: Follow Your Dreams, Get a Pet

duck pets what failbook g rated - 8106646528
By Unknown

The Duck Drinks Wine?

beer duck wtf wine funny - 8090833152
By Unknown

Well, That's an Odd Childhood

duck wtf childhood pirates funny - 8086650880
By Unknown

So Ducking Stylish

duck poorly dressed - 8083463936
By Unknown
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