pizza drunk awesome honesty win - 1390085

Overserved Pizza Bro Wins the Hearts of the Internet After His Shamelessly Honest Sick Note

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This Drunk Dude Is Having a War With His Skis and We’re All The Winner

drunk dude can't get skis on
Via @vicdohria
drunk Video - 84589569

Someone Made a Literal Horror Movie About the Proverbial Drunk Girl That Won't Stop Partying Her Ass Off

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news FAIL new years drunk cnn TV - 1307141

Don Lemon Gets Absolutely Wasted on TV During New Year's, and Someone Live-Tweeted the Train-Wreck

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christmas dancing FAIL drunk Video holidays fall - 176646

Guy Perfectly Demonstrates the Perils of Drunk Table Dancing When Winter Wonderland Gets Too Lit

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Hero of the Day: Woman Turns Water Into Wine... Thanks To A Fridge Hack

woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
Via @iliketweet
amurrica birds drunk idiots Video - 83622657

Watch This Foolish Drunkard High Off Liquid Courage, Promise the World the 'Coolest Bottle Opener Ever'

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Who Needs Flowers?

Thursday meme with pic of a bouquet of Jack Daniels bottle
Via College Kids
Death FAIL drunk freezer Video stuck - 83282177

No One Wants to Die Stuck in a Freezer, Especially Not This Drunk Girl

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A Whole New World!

aladdin drunk puke - 6035277056
Created by Unknown
drunk advice sexy times Video dating - 82826753

Drunk People Give Advice on How To Last Longer In Bed

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customer service twitter list drunk text UK - 1008133

After a Night of Clubbing, One Drunken-Girl Tested the Boundaries of Great Customer Service

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You Know You're Ready For a Vacation When You Drunk Text the Airport For a Booty Call

funny fail tweet image girl booty calls the airport with drunk text
Via @annievicvic

College Papers are Tough, Writing Them Drunk is Even Tougher

funny school fail image girl tried to write paper drunk
Via @kenna_bo__benna
furniture FAIL drunk irish ikea Video - 82409217

Building Ikea Furniture is Hard Enough, Now Watch the Struggle of Trying it Drunk

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alcohol drunk parenting family birthday cake mom - 931333

Tough Love Mom Makes Epic Birthday Cake in the Form of Daughter's Drunk Vomit Photo

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