Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Facebook Creates a Mashup Made in Hell

drugs suggestion Probably bad News juxtaposition failbook - 8498886656
Created by Ezra

It's Just a Coincidence

coincidence drugs marijuana reggae - 5972263168
Created by Unknown

This Is Your Wii U On Drugs

school drugs funny This Is Your Wii U On Drugs
Via Oy_Gestalt

Also I'm Really Hungry Suddenly...

workaholics drugs - 6772585984
Created by Unknown

Louisiana Teacher Gave Students Special Brownies

school news drugs Louisiana Teacher Gave Students Special Brownies
drugs wisdom teeth compilation Video - 71248641

Wisdom Teeth and Bad Trips Abound in This Fail Compilation!

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people drugs funny Video animals - 66294785

Not Just People Love Drugs

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sports drugs drunk Video - 71241729

These Drunk Texas A&M Fans Looking for Drugs are the Epitome of "White Girl Wasted"

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Coles Just Wants You to Blaze it Up. How Terrible...

Via Brown Cardigan

Heisenberg Finds Alternate Selling Methods

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You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast

science drugs brewing You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast
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busted drugs marijuana siri - 6981221376
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I Wish You Would Have Told Me Five Minutes Ago, Bruno

coke drugs helpful high note post it - 3992082176
On-Air Blooper sports drugs high what Video - 71204353

How High is ESPN's Neil Everett, and Can We Have What He's Having?

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Music drugs wisdom teeth rap Video - 71150081

A Girl Hopped Up on Painkillers Realizes She Wants to Drop the Best Mixtape of the Year

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The Headline Says it All

news drugs computer - 6943254784
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