AITA for installing a GPS tracker in my 15 year old daughter's car?

Mom Installs GPS Tracker in Unlicensed Teen's Car & It backfires!

This Mom thought outlining the tires with chalk and installing a GPS tracker would stop her unlicensed teenage daughter from taking out her car when her parents weren't home. Rookie mistake.
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'Tesla self-driving software is the worst I've ever seen': Autopilot Tesla's are Absolutely Demolishing Child-Sized Mannequins

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people who didn't secure their car's load properly

36 People Who Need To Learn How To Secure Their Load

Get off the road.
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cars driving Memes lol truck dumb funny - 16243717

Car Memes To Look At While Driving

We can't advocate driving while on your phone, but also if that's something you decide to do on your own, we can't do anything about it. So for the purposes of this situation, we meant that figuratively. Many of us spend a few hours a day in our cars and wish we didn't have to. That said, many of us have cars that are nicer than our homes themselves, so the prospect of sitting in a comfortable chair while going fast and listening to music isn't so bad. Here are some dumb drivers who deserve amp…
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guy refuses to drive, is mad at girlfriend for getting him driving lessons

Guy Angry His Girlfriend Bought Him Driving Lessons, Can't See Writing On Wall

C'mon man.
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driving fail FAIL vehicle driving - 16013573

Operating Errors Achieved By People Who Shouldn't Be Driving Anything

These people probably shouldn't be allowed to pilot anything motorized.
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wtf absurd cars driving driver lol truck unsafe safety - 16009989

The Wildest Junk People Saw Other Drivers Do While Driving

For some reason, a lot of people see driving as a secondary activity to eating a bowl of Chex or doing their hair. Here are some of the irresponsible and straight up absurd junk truckers and other drivers have spotted their fellow drivers doing behind the wheel. It's as if their windshield is just a tv screen to them or something. So watch out for these morons and other incompetent drivers who should be banned from the road.
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FAIL accident awesome driving dangerous Video - 106354945

Motorcyclist Suddenly Becomes Stuntman

Stuck the landing.
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A wild Twitter thread about how driving in Europe can be an adrenaline-charged spectacle.

Twitter Thread: European Driving Can Be An Adrenaline-Charged Spectacle

Yeah, no thanks.
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impressive crazy racing driving Video win - 107423489

Race Car Driver Rolls Car, Manages To Avoid Injury

Could've been a whole lot worse.
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Dad expects his daughter to pay him back for an emergency Uber ride.

Dad Expects Daughter To Pay Him Back For Emergency Uber Ride

Dad sounds just a bit clueless here.
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classsic driving fails people who are bad at driving

20 Classic Driving FAILs Brought to You By People Who Shouldn't Be Driving

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A scary biker dude tries to cut in line at the gas station, and ends up getting ego checked hard.

"Scary" Biker Dude Tries To Cut In Line At Gas Station, Gets Reality Checked

Not today, bud.
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impressive history awesome helpful driving restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 107252737

Man Forges Interstate Highway Sign On LA To Help People Avoid Getting Lost

Dude should've gotten a key to the city.
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A collection of times that people were absolutely terrible drivers.

Times People Were Reckless Animals In Cars

They give zero hecks.
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tornado Natural Disasters weather driving dangerous - 107184129

Driver Stops Just Short Of Rampaging Tornado, Watches It Go By

Way too close for comfort there, man.
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