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Ahhh the drive-thru. Parent's salvation from not knowing how to cook, and kids salvation how to get themselves absolutely filthy while eating and enjoy every second. If you've ever had a classic drive-thru story, chances are you might find something to relate to.

triplets play prank on drive thru worker

Triplets Play Twilight Zone-Level Drive Thru Prank

An actual likable prank.
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Guys drive air powered couch to McDonald's.

Dudes Drive Air Powered Couch to Drive Thru

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customer service FAIL drive thru ridiculous funny Video - 96593921

Guy With Delicate Ego Can't Pronounce Entree To Save His Life

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Airhorn Drive Thru Prank Backfires

Via Vyacreti
crazy FAIL drive thru girlfriend cheating funny - 413446

Crazy Jealous Girlfriend Freaks Out at McDonald’s Employee For Saying “Welcome Back”

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cringe drive thru ridiculous viral Video - 409350

Scumbag Drive-Thru Worker Gets Served Up Haterade

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drunk McDonald's drive thru passed out - 78882561

Bada da daa Daa, I'm Passed Out

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drive thru Video prank - 78578689

This Alligator Just Wants Some Fast Food; Why is Everybody Screaming?

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This Drive Thru Employee Has Had Just About Enough of Your Friggin Pranks

Via TheOneThatGotBanned
drive thru florida prank Video - 78092033

Florida Man Threw an Alligator Into a Wendy's Drive Through

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Starbucks drive thru Video asl win - 75611649

At This Drive Through You Can Order Your PSL in ASL

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Supersize Your Hangover

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Dad Never Understood the Point of a "Drive-Thru"

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Everything's Better With Dinosaurs

monday thru friday sign drive thru dinosaurs t rex - 8422463232
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There Was Only a 50% Chance of Getting it Right...

drive thru fast food monday thru friday upside down - 8417049088
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drive thru fast food Video - 66948353

If All Fast Food Employees Were This Great, We'd Get Burgers and Fries Every Day

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