Collection of drawings that resulted from people submitting their photos to an app | front camera selfie of a guy lying back and a funny drawing caricature of him that exaggerates the low angle and the double chin and folds of skin that it caused

Internet Artists Draw Impressions Of People, Hilarity Ensues

So these are too good.
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People's funny and creative drawings of ducks | blank page with just a duck's beak and feet on it Draw duck and share art

People's Responses to the "Draw a Duck" Prompt

And on rare occasions, they drew ducks.
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A collection of kids drawings that ended up looking way dirtier than intended.

Kids Drawings That Looked Dirtier Than Intended

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fail memes

23 Attempts That Got Smooshed by Life's Failures

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Talented dad redraws his young son's drawings into 30 pieces of epic anime art.

Dad Redraws His Son's Drawings Into 30 Awesome Pieces of Anime

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funny design fails

21 Design Fails That Should Never Have Seen the Light of Day

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The Animal Evolution Theory of The Little Prince and an Ancient Chinese Scroll

funny parenting image dinosaur evolution drawing
Via Wøłfê
Pokémon drawings funny weird - 909829

Artist with No Knowledge of Pokémon Doodles Dozens of Them and It's Completely Nuts

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Baby Dreams

baby drawings - 6751239168
By Unknown

Now That's Productive

desk drawings math funny - 7946599936
By Unknown
art optical illusions drawings - 181765

Artsy Fart of the Day: Optical Illusion Drawings So Real You'd Believe They Were Photoshopped

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art drawings Video - 58077185

Hyper-Realistic Drawings of Everyday Objects

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Maybe if You Squint...Nope, Still Nope

homework kids parenting drawings giraffes School of FAIL - 7869534976
By originalbosfan1

It's Mommy's Exercise Pole!

kids parenting science drawings - 7301193984
By Molly Schneider

"Riding a Snake in the Desert"

kids parenting drawings - 7832194048
By Kirsten

Some People Don't Appreciate Kids' Artwork

kids parenting facebook drawings funny - 7386319872
By merpy
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