funny airline staff descriptions

Honest Descriptions of Airline Staff Are As Enlightening As They Are Cynical

Every workplace has a story.
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teachers responses to test doodles

Twitter Thread: Times Students And Teachers Interacted Over Test Doodles

Keep on a-doodlin'.
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A funny Tumblr post about the behavioral science behind ants' process for treating their dead.

Tumblr Thread: Ants And Their Fascinating Little Funeral Ritual

This should be included in the sequel to "A Bug's Life"
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Twitter thread on making a dehumidifier water houseplants.

Inventive Twitter Thread Imagines Dehumidifier Houseplant Waterer

Right out of Wallace and Gromit.
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Tumblr thread about Pokemon being drawn the sizes of the animals they are based on | sinnerbird im going start thread pokemon drawn sizes things theyre based on here start very-salty-popcorn very small boi enters

Tumblr Thread: Pokémon Drawn to Actual Scale

Huh, they really just look like colorful animals now.
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People fill in the blanks with funny art prompt | Show drawing skills. suggestive pic of a man and a woman MS paint drawing so that it looks like the woman shouting while a priest holding a cross and a bible performs an exorcism

People Share Their Drawing Skills With Intriguing Prompt

Looks pretty wholesome from here...
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A funny Tumblr thread points out how creepy elves' eyes are from Lord of the Rings | O colonelmagpie Theory: Nobody who writes physics textbook gives any fucks Evidence: Q2S.12 J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord Rings (volume 2, p. 32 Legolas Elf claims be able accurately count horsemen and discern their hair color (yel- low) 5 leagues away on bright, sunny day. Make appropriate estimates and argue Legolas must have very strange-looking eyes, have some means nonvisual perception, or have made lucky guess 1

Tumblr Thread: Elves Are Flat Earthers With Scary Eyes

What a rollercoaster.
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Funny doodles and sketches in textbooks | satanic ritual AED IAED AED AED AED | robotic dinosaur changes environment, floppy disks are heat, magnetism, dust, and other problems their sensitivities and because store so much medium or on computer system. Whatever decide. store original and copy away each other so same accident will not destroy both copies 4 An administrative assistant accesses control panel. Figure 7-15 Storage case disks. Cha intormation Manement 161 Coutey Kardes

Funny and Creative Textbook Doodles

We can't tell you to vandalize property, but we can say that these are pretty cool.
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A very realistic Santa Clause drawn in Microsoft Paint

A Way Too Realistic Santa Clause Drawn in MS Paint

Ah, the lost art.
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Tumblr thread imagines what angels look like | S -mighty-birdy Anonymous asked do angels actually look like per bible? revelation19 answered: Well, according Ezekiel 1 they might look something like this

Tumblr Thread: Angels Are Benevolent Lovecraftian Monsters

Maybe they were just aliens.
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Stupid, bad and funny tattoo fails | If are stealing tattoo, don't copy nipple | tattoo of a wolf looking worried while howling in front of a full moon

Regrettable Tattoos as Memorable as they are Permanent

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Tumblr users ask what centaurs can breed with | volcel-official Then question is, would be morally acceptable centaur mate with normal horse Ma pain-and-missouri And would offspring be like? trashcanbees 50% 75% 100% kompanie-mutter hate all this trashcanbees Bigot

Short Tumblr Thread on Centaurs Asks The Hard Questions

We can just be glad they don't actually exist.
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People's funny and creative drawings of ducks | blank page with just a duck's beak and feet on it Draw duck and share art

People's Responses to the "Draw a Duck" Prompt

And on rare occasions, they drew ducks.
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Artist trolls fans who ask for free art by drawing terrible drawings of them | girl send picture of herself with snapchat puppy ears so he draws very generic version of her face with prominent puppy ears

Artist Trolls Entitled Fans Who Demand Free Drawings

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People were prompted to draw ducks.

People Were Asked To Draw a Duck, and They Responded

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Parent leaves awesome doodle drawings on their kid's lunch bags for school.

Parent Leaves Epic Doodles On Kid's Lunch Bags

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