double entendre

You know, whenever I start feeling a bit blue, I start breathing again. Double Entendre at it's finest. 

Tennis player says double entendre accidentally

Tennis Player Serves Spicy Interview Answer

Welp, can't take that one back.
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Supercut of preacher telling audience to come

Preacher Desperately Wants You To Come

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30+ Wacky Headlines That Got Way out of Hand

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wtf design fails

25 Failures of Design That Will Make You Feel Good at Your Job

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This Cleaning Company Really Knows How to Dive In

FAIL signs van double entendre business name - 8549292032
Created by MadJen

Are the Dice Fuzzy Though?

cars double entendre innuendo sexy time - 8481917952
Created by Rachel
innuendo double entendre sexy times Video win - 70242049

He's Not Even Trying to Disguise This Mouthwatering "Burger" Description

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A Great, Generous Donation

Via Hairy_Bridge

The Right Tool For the Job

innuendo double entendre sexy times failbook - 8469249536
Created by helloaudra

Come and Get it

euphemism double entendre sexy times Cats - 8400270592
Created by DavidD

Yeah Sure, When Cats Fly

Cats double entendre lady bits - 8260806912
Created by danielfazzolare

Something Tastes a Little Funny Here

double entendre accidental sexy food failbook - 8255006720

Huffpo Thinks They're So Clever...

double entendre headline sexy times robots - 7975318784
Created by Unknown

This is the Wrong Approach to Dating

puns double entendre business funny - 7460355840
Created by Unknown

She Wants, Like, a Dozen of Them at Once

sign puns double entendre mom - 7443413504
Via Reddit

Too Many Puns for One Headline!

lady bits birds headline double entendre - 7175004416
Created by Unknown
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