doors FAIL bathroom - 84980737

This Bathroom is a Design Nightmare

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Refrigerator Door Down on the Floor

cabinets doors handles - 7180896000
By DerHose (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Best Part is The Door is a Magic Portal

doors FAIL Professional At Work wtf - 4291631872
By Unknown

You Always Turn Off the Lights When You Unlock the Door Anyway

doors there I fixed it - 8005675776
By ChrisChagares

Perfect Fit

doors there I fixed it spoons - 7921581568
Via Izismile

No Way Out?

doors exit there I fixed it - 7933904896

At Taco Bell, of All Places...

bathrooms doors there I fixed it - 7914132992
By tankdogster

I Was Going to Rehang the Door Anyway...

doors there I fixed it - 7913431808
By beernbiccies

The Door Opens, What More Do You Need?

doors there I fixed it g rated - 7876335360
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

It's Not Like I Wanted to Go Outside

doors duct tape there I fixed it - 7868361472

The Initiative Test

doors monday thru friday g rated - 7830552320
By beernbiccies

Which Way Does it Open?

doors FAIL handles there I fixed it - 7836566784
By gdogmom

A Wooden Fence Would Class Things Up...

doors wood fences there I fixed it - 7827558912
By Unknown

Spotted at the University of Toronto Engineering Department

engineers doors funny there I fixed it - 7397100032
By Leo

The Old Lock Wasn't Secure Enough

doors locks funny there I fixed it - 7563163648
By Adrienne Gartman

Much Better Than the Flimsy Chain it Came With

doors security locks chain there I fixed it - 7749061632
By Juci
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