Open the door, and a new world will dazzle your eyes. Or just show you your closet it's all in your mind's eye.

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Finnish Door-Opening Instructional Video Makes Opening A Door Look Easy

This Finnish instructional video from 1979 makes quick work of opening a door, and with enough practice, you can too. We've had it up to here with having to wait for our friends and coworkers to help open doors for us, and frankly it's time to learn. Now you too can go on the instructional journey of entering and exiting buildings, conveniently in Finnish. After this? Windows and gates.
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Sometimes You Just Decide You Need to Break in the Hardest Way Possible

funny fail gif breaking through a glass door the hardest way possible
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As If Glass Doors Needed to Be Any More Confusing

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Where Were You Earlier, Door?

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The Installation of These Quality Sliding Doors Just Missed a Step (or Two)

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Don't Sweet the Swedish Stuff

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F**king Mondays

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I C There is a Solution to the Doorknob Problem

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It's Not a Good Sign When You Don't Even Use Your Own Products

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Holding The Door Goes Both Way

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Getting Wood From Wood

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No, Try Again.

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Guess You're Stuck!

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This Sliding Door Sounds Just Like R2-D2 Screaming

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This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

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This Way To Your Own Space

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