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Angelina Jolie Is Divorcing Brad Pitt and the Internet's Acting Like Their Parents Just Separated

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A Celebration

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Dude eBays Everything His "Cheating Whore of an Ex Wife" Left Behind As Revenge

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Not Getting Divorced Anytime Soon

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A Woman Celebrated Her Divorce by Smashing Cakes with a Bat and a Photo Shoot

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Time to Find an Optometrist <3

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These Prices *Literally* Won't Last Long

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What About Separate Blankets?

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Whoa, I Was Not Looking for a Dose of Too Real With My Jokes Today

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No Bad Blood of the Day: Couples Are Taking Divorce Selfies to Mark Occasion

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Minion Messages Say It Best

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Say "Disappointment," Kids!

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Stephen J Hater is Ready For All The Gay Divorces

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There's Two Sides to Every Breakup Story. Two Embarrassing, Cringe-Worthy Sides

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WTF of the Day: Man Accuses Girlfriend of Having Sex With the Entire Wu-Tang Clan

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Woman Arrested for Marrying 10 Men Without Divorcing Any of Them

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