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Dad Finds Out Wife Cheated on Him For Years, Kids Might Not Be His, Threatens to Cut Them Off If They Don't Get a DNA Test

This must have been posted by one of Cerci Lannister's kids.
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Ex-Husband’s Trophy Wife Demands Woman Pays Back Alimony, Instead She Chooses Vengeance

"Yes, let me pay you thousands of dollars that the court has determined you owe to me just because your personal assistant turned girlfriend asked me to."
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Ex-wife demands 75% of a man's pay during a nasty divorce, he quits his job, and a petty revenge ensues.

Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Fair to say he got the last laugh.
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Man takes revenge on cheating wife who refused to stay faithful.

Man Falls In Love While In Military, Gets Married, Wife Cheats, Revenge Ensues

Cheaters never win.
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Man's wife loses two rings, breaks third, and then melts down after she's confronted.

Man's Fiancée Loses Two Rings, Breaks Third, Freaks Out When Confronted

Next-level shady behavior.
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men share why they divorced their wives

Men Share the Moment They Knew They Had to Divorce Their Wives

Sometimes, it's just best to call it quits.
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A collection of times that people witnessed doomed marriages at the actual weddings.

Times People Witnessed Future Divorces At The Actual Weddings

Sometimes the couples miss the glaring warning signs.
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Divorce Lawyer demands financials and guy faxes it all

Divorce Lawyer Demands Financials, Guy Incapacitates His Fax Machine

That's one way to do it.
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Lawyers describe the pettiest reasons that they ever witnessed people get divorces.

Pettiest Reasons Lawyers Witnessed Divorces

The pettiness is off the charts.
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People describe the absolute craziest things that they ever did after divorces.

Craziest Things People Did During Divorces

People can get real nasty after divorces.
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People share the worst and most awkward things they let slip during conversations | ShatteredPulse 3y Accidentally told my mom my dad planned on divorcing her thought just understood rough day after

Most Awkward Things People Let Slip In Conversations

Sometimes our brains hiccup.
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Two girls realize their parents got together | VBriseida @Bitchseida My mom divorced my dad who constantly cheated on her and now she out here living her best life Cabo with new boo who takes her places MATH

Girls Realize Their Single Parents Are Seeing Each Other

The internet accomplishes some wild things.
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The most ridiculous reasons that people ever filed for divorce | Katie_19_96 19h 1 Award man filed divorce because he couldn't stand listening his wife make aah" sound after every drink. Apparently got him over years. Reply 3.5k

Most Outrageous Reasons People Filed For Divorce

Divorces can escalate very quickly.
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stupid reasons people wanted a divorce | reddit posted by ragnarockette 12.0k points 15 hours ago She saw him bike shorts and said she could never be sexually attracted him again.

Ridiculous Reasons People Wanted a Divorce

No, you cannot "reverse Chuck and Larry" your way out of jail time.
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Husband's birthday surprise for his wife almost leads to them getting divorced | r/tifu Join u/Kissankassi 1d 1 F 1 1 TIFU by trying surprise my wife her birthday and almost getting divorced admit haven't been most attentive husband lately. My wife has told need make more an effort our relationship or would have problems tried really hard invest our relationship ever since finding out my wife is not feeling as happy as she should be.

Husband's Birthday Surprise For Wife Almost Results In Divorce

Trouble in paradise.
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A collection of marriage tweets that are hilarious and relatable | Rob Follow @rockymomax WIFE: where's baby traded guy this sandwich WIFE haha l'm kidding WIFE: oh thank god also got snickers

Marriage Tweets That Didn't Hold Anything Back

Here we go.
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