People describe the absolute craziest things that they ever did after divorces.

Craziest Things People Did During Divorces

People can get real nasty after divorces.
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People share the worst and most awkward things they let slip during conversations | ShatteredPulse 3y Accidentally told my mom my dad planned on divorcing her thought just understood rough day after

Most Awkward Things People Let Slip In Conversations

Sometimes our brains hiccup.
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Two girls realize their parents got together | VBriseida @Bitchseida My mom divorced my dad who constantly cheated on her and now she out here living her best life Cabo with new boo who takes her places MATH

Girls Realize Their Single Parents Are Seeing Each Other

The internet accomplishes some wild things.
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The most ridiculous reasons that people ever filed for divorce | Katie_19_96 19h 1 Award man filed divorce because he couldn't stand listening his wife make aah" sound after every drink. Apparently got him over years. Reply 3.5k

Most Outrageous Reasons People Filed For Divorce

Divorces can escalate very quickly.
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stupid reasons people wanted a divorce | reddit posted by ragnarockette 12.0k points 15 hours ago She saw him bike shorts and said she could never be sexually attracted him again.

Ridiculous Reasons People Wanted a Divorce

No, you cannot "reverse Chuck and Larry" your way out of jail time.
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Husband's birthday surprise for his wife almost leads to them getting divorced | r/tifu Join u/Kissankassi 1d 1 F 1 1 TIFU by trying surprise my wife her birthday and almost getting divorced admit haven't been most attentive husband lately. My wife has told need make more an effort our relationship or would have problems tried really hard invest our relationship ever since finding out my wife is not feeling as happy as she should be.

Husband's Birthday Surprise For Wife Almost Results In Divorce

Trouble in paradise.
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A collection of marriage tweets that are hilarious and relatable | Rob Follow @rockymomax WIFE: where's baby traded guy this sandwich WIFE haha l'm kidding WIFE: oh thank god also got snickers

Marriage Tweets That Didn't Hold Anything Back

Here we go.
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oversharing marriage trouble divorce in public

Woman Overshares About Divorce At Zoning Meeting

Yikes on yikes.
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WTF and crazy things people did to spite their Ex spouse during a divorce | JortsEnthusiast69 4.7k points 2 days ago Once had boss who had leave his house 6 hours while his ex wife grabbed all belongings she legally entitled too he returned home every knob and handle gone. Door knobs, cabinet handles, drawer handles, anything screwed onto something and used open she had taken. Every day next week he would occasionally yell out "SHE TOOK FUCKING KNOBS"

Wild Stuff Divorced People Did to Spite Their Ex

Peoples' pettiness has no bounds.
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Husband learns that wife is cheating, and proceeds to take a pro revenge | r/ProRevenge u/[deleted 3y JOIN 1 12 Pro Divorce Throwaway as this might not make very popular, even ProRevenge. This all happened few years ago told friend story my divorce and told share. Started few years ago thought were happy were usual suburban professional couple. Financially secure, healthy, good sex life, two kids (14f and 9m at time thought had healthy social life.

Wife Cheats On Husband, Husband Surprises Wife At Hotel, Pro Divorce Results

Cold, calculated, and ruthless.
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AskReddit replies to divorce attorneys sharing the stupidest reasons that couples wanted to divorce | posted by Charger525 not divorce attorney, but my former subordinate got divorced over Pokémon cards. At one point during separation she came work accuse him stealing some her rares got near physical and had have security forces remove spouse so could get back work. They were hot mess.

Divorce Attorneys Reveal Stupidest Reasons Couples Wanted To Divorce

Love can drive people to fight over some crazy things.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to how people ended up remarrying their ex spouses | dirtyrango not but this guy who works one our rural offices has married and divorced same woman literally 6 times. Im not sure they're logic is but whatever.

People That Remarried Their Ex Spouses

It actually works out for some people.
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AskReddit users share their experiences with seeing couples that realized the kid wasn't the father's | elephantidr 8h My brothers best friend didn't resemble his father while growing up, so he became more and more suspicious father eventually did DNA test my brothers friend 11 or 12) and found out 's not his parents split up with older daughter (16) going with father because she resembled him so he sure about her.

Doctors/Nurses Share Times A Child Wasn't The Father's

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Dad admits that he regrets having children during a marriage counseling session, and asks people on Reddit whether he was a jerk | AITA admitting regret having children. Not hole My wife and are both 42 and marriage counselling after our marriage basically went shit after having kids (6 and 4 year old twins lot issues and disagreements have come up our marriage have driven us apart and have been working through my resentment going back one more baby resulted twins, including one which are pretty

Dad Admits He Regrets Having Children During Marriage Counseling

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Guy accidentally roasts his co-worker who is going through a divorce.

Dude Accidentally Roasts Co-Worker Going Through Divorce

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Casino dealer takes revenge on a jerk gambler who was cheating on his wife.

Casino Dealer Takes Revenge On Jerk Gambler

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