AITA for leaving an equal inheritance to my stepson as my bio kids

Dad Gives His Stepson an Equal Share of His Inheritance, Faces the Wrath of His Biological Children

You know that feeling when your father drafts his will in such a messed up way that it becomes clear he should really be investing in therapy instead?
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AITA for leaving the restaurant before my boyfriend's family arrived after I was told that I was going to pay for their meals?

'You're making money a priority just like my ex did': Divorced man makes girlfriend pay for dinner with his parents

This Redditor had me screaming "RUN!" by the second sentence!
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AITA for calling my niece a spoiled effing brat and making her cry?

Woman Lets Divorced Sister and Nightmare Niece Stay With Her. Surprise! It Does Not Go Well.

This aunt let her recently divorced sister and 7-year-old niece live with her. The takeaway here is to never do that.
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AITA for cutting off support to my daughter?

Father of the bride books wedding venue only for daughter to have homewrecking stepdad walk her down the aisle

Wedding planning always brings drama, especially when there are complicated family dynamics involved.
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bride marriage Crazy Brides wedding divorce aita reddit thread Reddit - 17465605

Bridal Shower Bikini Brings Bristling Tensions to Family Affair

Reddit might have been wrong on this one.
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ask reddit marriage wedding divorce stories weddings - 17262085

30+ Stories About Marriages That Were Doomed From the Wedding

These unions were doomed from the start.
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Guy's divorced brother keeps making creepy insulting comments about guy's wife, gets kicked out

Divorced Brother Won't Stop Insulting Dude's Wife, He Kicks Him To The Curb

No wonder his marriage didn't work out.
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times people knew their relationship was done

The Instant People Knew Their Relationship Was Over

There's a hint.
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hoa divorce Reddit - 16755205

Cheating Ex-Wife Gets Sued Silly When She Forges HOA Application in Husband's Name

This vengeful ex-husband had had enough of his spurned ex-wife when she reared her head one last time in a final act of retribution. The story was initially posted by u/SpurredOneLastTime (OP) to the r/entitledpeople subreddit and then crossposted by a fascinated reader to r/f***HOA. The OP tells the tale of his ex-wife's final act of retribution that saw him embroiled in legal troubles and tangled with a Home Owner's Association. His wife had been cheating on him for some time, all revealed th…
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ex husband ghosts and gets found through TV Bill

Cheating Ex-Husband Ghosts, Gets Found When He Racks Up TV Bill In Ex-Wife's Name

That's some bargain detective work right there.
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aita relationships uncle divorce family - 16234757

Guy Calls Little Brother Out When Brother Trash Talks His Ex-Wife, Exposes Him in Front of Everyone

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
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pro revenge marriage stealing relationships divorce revenge - 16180997

Wife Steals From Clients and Husband, Turns Fugitive, He Tracks Her Down

Don't f&^k with a man's Star Wars toys.
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marriage relationships parenting cheating divorce - 16143621

Dad Finds Out Wife Cheated on Him For Years, Kids Might Not Be His, Threatens to Cut Them Off If They Don't Get a DNA Test

This must have been posted by one of Cerci Lannister's kids.
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marriage relationships cheating divorce - 15567109

Ex-Husband’s Trophy Wife Demands Woman Pays Back Alimony, Instead She Chooses Vengeance

"Yes, let me pay you thousands of dollars that the court has determined you owe to me just because your personal assistant turned girlfriend asked me to."
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Ex-wife demands 75% of a man's pay during a nasty divorce, he quits his job, and a petty revenge ensues.

Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Fair to say he got the last laugh.
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Man takes revenge on cheating wife who refused to stay faithful.

Man Falls In Love While In Military, Gets Married, Wife Cheats, Revenge Ensues

Cheaters never win.
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