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"Disney Adult" Bride Kicks Her Friend Out of Wedding Party Because She Can't Afford a Trip to Disneyland

The majority of commenters felt that the poster was in the wrong for their expectations and ensuing actions that led to the fallout. “YTA For thinking your friends should pay to go on a trip to Disneyland because you're getting married.” replied penguin_squeak. AidCookKnow offered an alternative take “NTA - I feel like all the Y T A people are glossing over the fact that the friend wasn't REQUIRED to go to Disney. OP told her it was fine if she didn't go. I feel like both parties overreacted th…
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Viral Comedian Gets Busted by a Drug Dog at Disneyland, but Don’t Worry, It Was All According to Plan

Viral Comedian Gets Busted by a Drug Dog at Disneyland, but Don’t Worry, It Was All According to Plan

Don't take mystery bags from strangers…
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A couple of rude dudes decide to mock a Disneyland sweeper, so the sweeper gives them intentionally terrible directions.

Rude Dudes Belittle Sweeper, Sweeper Returns Favor With Bad Directions

A nice element of petty revenge in this story as well.
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Stormtrooper Destroys Lightsaber-Wielding Man

The force wasn't strong enough with that one.
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Attention-Hungry Moron Shut Down After Accusing Actor of Racism

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This Dad Took His Daughter to Disneyland and the Internet Made Her Dreams/Nightmares Come True

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Once a Boeing Engineer, Now He's Built a Theme Park in His Backyard

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DILFS of Disneyland Highlights The Handsomest Dads From the Happiest Place on Earth

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Disneyland Hospitality Is Getting Better and Better

It really is the happiest place on earth
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Apparently Disneyland is an Awful Place

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It's Good to Have Traditions

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It Helps You Tolerate the Lines for Space Mountain

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The Most Fun You Can Have in the Dark (is Space Mountain)

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In Case You Need a Spare

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Only in the Magic Kingdom Could Custodial Work Look Cool

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