Tweets and memes about people's self quarantine | Well, old girl about have busiest month life INSTANT POT cooking utensils | Ryan Brooks @ryanbrooks bar my neighborhood is delivering entire liters their premixed margaritas 25 and get complimentary roll toilet paper with purchase and 's really starting feel like there are no rules anymore

Tweets and Memes from the Quarantine

Things are still rolling along.
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Tumblr explains story of an anti-vaxx mom who realized she was wrong and became a vaccination advocate | Anti-vaxx mom abandons movement after all seven her her kids get whooping cough TOM BOGGIONI 10 APR 2015 AT 16:00 ET Uploaded By PsychoFifi Ottawa Adrian Harewoed Kew Otana mother Tara ila cOC soreenshot funoftheday don't say. | timemachineyeah record, she actually abandoned movement BEFORE they all got whooping cough, but abandoned too late. There'd been breakout measles her area caused her

Tumblr Explains The Time an Anti-Vaxx Mom Switched Sides

Hey, progress is possible.
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Tweets and funny memes about self quarantine, panic buying and coronavirus | birdsrightsactivist @ProBirdRights WASH FREQUENT. MANTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE. bird in a birdbath and two birds fighting | People with unwiped butts Peoplewho boughtall toilet paper.

Coronavirus Tweets and Memes to Hoard like Toilet Paper

It's something.
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Brit living in Italy during Coronavirus lockdown talks some sense about the results | As Brit living Italy, here are some things need know: Our supermarkets HAVE STAYED OPEN. They are on slightly reduced hours and have queue get yes s ball-ache) but they are OPEN. EVERY DAY. Deliveries continue arrive so fucks sake, shop like NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Brit Living In Italy Talks Some Sense About Coronavirus

Finally, a break from the hysteria.
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People share their journal entries from self-quarantine on Twitter | Sir Michael @Michael1979 QUARANTINE DIARY Day 1:1 have stocked up on enough non-perishable food and supplies last months, maybe years, so can remain isolation as long as takes see out this pandemic Day 1+ 45 minutes am supermarket because wanted Twix

People's Absurd Journal Entries From Self-Quarantine

Gotta have that Twix bar.
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Computational biologist breaks down how he sees the Coronavirus shaking out | Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois should be qualified comment on covid-19 pandemic computational/system biologist working on infectious diseases and have spent five years world class 'pandemic response modelling' unit this thread will summarise believe don't) know 1/12) 10:39 PM Mar 14, 2020 Twitter Web App 19.4K Retweets 46.3K Likes Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois Mar 14 Replying BallouxFrancois After having spent

Twitter Thread: Computational/System Biologist Shares Thoughts On COVID-19

Everyone stay safe out there.
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Twitter thread shares knowledge on N95 masks | Leora Horwitz @leorahorwitzmd Non medical friends, let's have chat about masks. So bought yourself box N95 masks and think good COVID19. Let tell my hospital makes do EVERY YEAR make sure my N95 mask fits (yes, they come sizes Watch out: long thread ahead!

Twitter Thread Shares Knowledge On N95 Masks

Some pointers on how to make sure the mask fits.
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Twitter users share the ways that they're staying preoccupied during the Coronavirus outbreak | tweet by manyapan how to survive staying indoors during #coronavirus lockdown according to these very important videos making their rounds on chinese social media: firstly don't be afraid to express your feelings and get in touch with your emotions

Chinese Residents Get Creative During Coronavirus Lockdown

They'll maintain their sanity just yet.
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Signs that are absurdly scary and threatening.

Foreboding Signs That Are Scarier Than They Have To Be

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news vaping anchor australia disease medical - 99373825

Australian News Anchors Report That Outbreak Of Lung Disease Isn't Due To Vaping Nicotine

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drugs marijuana lies eyes parenting disease dad story dumb pipe mom weed funny stupid parents - 8011269

Woman Feels Stupid for Believing Dad's Ridiculous Weed Lie for 17 Years

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wtf allergies medicine facebook disease incompetent ridiculous dumb doctors stupid - 7720453

12 Doctors Recall Their Most Dangerously Stupid Patients

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parents of baby who contacted measles in an open letter to anti vaxxers

Angry Parent's Facebook Post About Their Daughter Getting Measles Calls Out Anti-Vaxxers

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anti-vaxxer memes for those who can handle it

Excited Plague Inc. Gamers Celebrate Successful Petition To Add Anti-Vaxxers To The Game

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unlikely things that happened

18 Crazily Unlikely Occurrences People Had Happen to Them

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Sad virtual reality emotional disease video games the feels - 516358

Brave Young Kid In VR Explains What It's Like Living With The Butterfly Disease

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