Response to client who wanted discount for one cent of water | Hi Just wanted let know loved cleaning last week and wondering if could come back every month Also wondering if could give us discount next time saw refilling water bottle our sink seems not big deal but our water bill is high specially with our new pool looking forward seeing again! Thank

Cleaner Has Classy Response for "Water Discount" Client

Who among us.
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Landscaper's customer demands discount for her children, she does not get it.

Landscaper Handily Deals With Customer Demanding Her Kids Get Her Discount

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taco bell discount frustration tires story building mistake funny Video - 97223425

Confused Man Tells Funny Story of Two Nearly Identical Tire Places

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Thanks for the Negative Discount!

discount Ad FAIL price math - 8583178240
By eeezoe

Finally, Been Waiting for a Sale on "Some Stuff!"

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Please Purchase the Fridge of Wonders

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The Store Must Have Been Packed During This Sale

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Here's Hoping that Old Spice Fans Hate Math!

genius discount store math - 7080721408
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You'd Be Insane NOT to Buy It!

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The Good-Looking Person Discount

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Huge Savings FAIL

price Walmart discount business - 6629928192
By Unknown

Coupon FAIL

coupon discount - 6564207616
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discount sale - 6215589888

Student Discount WIN

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By Unknown

Chicken Discount FAIL

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By Xtine66
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