bad shoes skills twitter right FAIL directions tweets funny tweets clock stupid - 8958981

Twitter Users Share The Normal Life Skills They're Useless At

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12 People Who Failed to Not Follow Directions Ridiculously Literally

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directions sheep weird Video - 244999

When You Have to Ask the Locals for Directions

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Someone Could Have Used Better Directions

FAIL directions - 8811665408
Via SpartaWolf117

I Never Could Understand Italian

Via Acid Cow

"Another One? Just Put it on That Stack Over There"

monday thru friday box directions stacking g rated - 8374474496
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This Person is Going to Freak Out When They Learn About the Compass Rose

directions genius failbook - 8264268800

All About Me

directions - 8015279872
Created by Unknown

No, Your Other Right!

security directions monday thru friday g rated - 7858063104
Created by Stuart

You're a Regular Explorer!

directions driving Maps - 7592447488
Created by Niklaus

The Directions Are a Little Rough

sign directions - 7341954048
Created by Unknown

Following Directions FAIL

sign Hiking directions camping - 6762180096
Created by Unknown

Following Instructions FAIL

trash garbage directions restaurant - 6650042880
Created by mikewheels

Good to Know WIN

design directions plane up - 6613818880
Created by Unknown

Do You Have Google Maps?

apple maps directions google maps ios 6 lost update - 6601802496
Created by Unknown

Easy Trip WIN

directions europe moon sign - 6520365568
Created by Unknown
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