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This Robber Went to Rob a Sex Shop and He Definitely Got Shafted

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guy ends up at the er with a dildo stuck in his ass

Legendary Idiot Live-Tweets His Trip to the ER After Getting a Dildo Stuck in His Ass

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Check Your Selfie, Before You Wreck Yourself (in a Family Group Text)

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Via ohfudgemocha

What a Party This is Shaping Up To Be

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By SammyBoy137

Probably Bad News: Hey Look! Luxury Apartments Now for Lease!

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Fun For the Whole Family

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Mind Blown

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By Unknown

I'd Ride That Broomstick

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If They're Cold or Nervous, They Become a Vibrator

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By xyzpdq1

The Whatnow?!

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By TheTeaKettle

From Boner to Limp to Boner to Limp

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By Unknown

Do the Monster Mash

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By Unknown

That's What You Get for Being Vague

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By Unknown

No Heart Attacks Today, Thanks.

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By TedTrendy