Tumblr Thread connecting Powerpuff Girls and 40 cakes meme

Tumblr Thread: Mojo Jojo's Speech Patterns Are Connected To The "40 Cakes" Meme

That's an interesting one.
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Dictionary.Com Fires Brutal Shot At Kylie Jenner For Her Forbes Cover

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Simpsons Win! Merriam Webster Adds "Embiggen" to the Dictionary

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Merriam-Webster Dictonary Is Slamming Trump Again and Twitter Loves It

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Merriam-Webster Is At It Again After The White House Released a List of “Under-reported” Terror Attacks Riddled With Spelling Errors

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15 Times The Merriam-Webster Went Off the Rails, Rewrote the Book and Ended Up Being Shady AF

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Merriam-Webster Went and Changed the Definition of Feminism After This Angry Girl's Tweet

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Don't Get Literal With Merriam-Webster

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Via MerriamWebster

Look at This Guy With His Thesaurus, Thinking He's Better Than Us

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The English Oxford Dictionary is Not Amused.

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Created by IndiAndFinn

Those Words, You Need Help With Them

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Via Jfloor

This Joke is No More, it Has Ceased to Be

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When All Else Fails, Make Up Your Own Definitions to Everythinq

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Well That's Unfortunate

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S Before W, Except on Facebook

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You Know Me too Well

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